The title is so obvious that you can already guess what I am going to say.  I will not disappoint you.

I have to wonder what an Intelligent Divine Designer would have been up to, if He really wanted – or even allowed – Aids and Alzheimer’s to exist.  What possible meaning can one give to such divine indifference or cruelty ?  Atheists are at war with windmills.  We are the modern Don Quixote’s, though, I hope, less demented than the Spanish knight.  Today’s windmills, the fervent believers and preachers full of hot air, want us to continue to believe their nonsense, when they talk about God acting in “mysterious ways” or inflicting these horrors “to try us”.  We, Don Quixote redivivus, will do our best to discredit the mills that crank out credulity.

But if you take five – or even less, just a single moment, to think – do you seriously believe that a good God would want us to suffer from diseases like these ?  It is tragically true that some Christian maniacs actually suggest that Aids is a divine punishment for our immorality, if not homosexuality.

I just hope that some far-seeing international editor will publish my final opus, combining my book “From Illusions to Illumination” and this blog (“blindfaithblindfolly”), before I succumb to the Alzheimer’s that killed my brother Mick at age 67.  I may very well one day lose my marbles, as he did.  But I would love to share the Reflections these marbles have allowed me to write, and which I modestly suggest deserve a wide readership, before this disease, or another, kills me.  It is the last item on my Bucket List.