A few years ago, I heard on National French radio, the screams of, and the conflict being waged among themselves by, illegal, famished immigrants, fighting over the limited supplies of food provided for them by a hamstrung municipality – not in Africa but in northern France, the fifth richest country in the world.

This may be a omen of what is to come world-wide.  People in the starving nearby continent of Africa are already trying to save their lives by sailing in pathetic, tiny, overcrowded boats, to land in Europe, which is, for them, if not the home of the brave, at least the land of the free – and the well-fed.  Many do not make it.  Many drown.  Others are caught and sent back “home”.  The U.S. and Australia face the same bid for freedom and food – both notoriously lacking in Central American and some South-East Asian countries.

Malthus was brutal, his doctrine cruel and inhuman.  We must above all, said he, not provide food for the starving.  We are already overpopulated.  Today we would say that we need TWO Earths to provide sustenance for the world at the European level, FIVE Earths for the world’s population to live like Americans.  Malthus suggested that we force the starving to die.  There is just so much room (“lebensraum”, living room, in recent parlance . . .), just so much food.  We cannot support unlimited population increase.  There will be blood.  Or worse, starvation.  Mothers will, in increasing numbers, watch their babies die.  An imminent Slaughter of the Innocents.

My book, “From Illusions to Illumination”, and this blog are neither a political nor a sociological thesis.  They are collections of reflections on belief in God and its consequences for mankind.  I am convinced that religious faith is not only useless in face of the potential catastrophe before us, but dangerous in the comforting illusions it creates (“Worry not about tomorrow” !).  Hitchens went so far as to say that it poisons everything.

Atheism will not solve the world’s problems.  But, liberated from the God delusion, we can at least face reality.  And perhaps, without any help from a non-existent deity, find the means to save ourselves from destruction.  Time, like an adequate food supply, is running out.


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