(Darwin, Evolution, “Intelligent Design” – Creationism in contemporary garb – are, with the quasi-universal belief in an “after-life”, subjects of major importance in a Blog like this.  We will in coming months devote a whole series of reflections to the latter, but for the nonce the subject is “I.D.”  Here’s an appetizer.)

If it is hard to believe that at a given moment in time (which had to be … created), SomeBody – or rather, Some No-Body – after an eternity of no-thing-ness, set in motion, around fourteen billion years ago, the process that would result in our galaxy and the puny, mortal beings who inhabit an infinitesimal part of it, it is even harder to believe in a God who predestined the said galaxy to disintegrate and disappear a mere five billion years from now, whether or not its human inhabitants will have survived that long.  Is this “Intelligent Design” ?