ALBAN  DOPPEE, a regular reader of our blog, has permitted me to publish here a piece he wrote recently, in his mother-tongue, French, which immediately caught my eye and which I am pleased to present here in my own free translation.  Among the posts I have myself included in this blog, “The Relevance of Relics”, dated May 9, 2017, provides another insight into this thoroughly extraordinary if not disgusting practice of the Catholic Church, along with references to other posts on the subject.

Alban Doppée is a talented writer who wields a pen dipped in vitriol, in particular in his ferocious vivisection of Biblical texts.  Check out his name on the Web to discover the list of books he has published.

” I would like to share with you something that has always intrigued me.  Among the most credulous if not brain-dead people I know are Catholics who venerate a collection of the relics of Saint Whatsherorhisname, which would fill the holds of giant ocean-liners like “Le France” or the “Queen Mary”combined.  O.K. : profaning a dead body – or perhaps a skeleton – is in itself an abominable practice.  But hacking it up and displaying the bits and pieces for congregations of semi-hysterical sadists, marks the perpetrators as rivals of primitive Homo Ergaster, whose sole conscience was his Basic Instincts.

“How can we imagine that the most deserving object of pious devotion could disappear from the face of the Earth without having a follower or hero-worshipper snip off a piece of nail or a clump of hair of the “Lord” before He rose from the dead, made that trip to Emmäus and lifted off in the grand finale which was His Ascension ?  It is true that certain crackpots did manage sneakily to salvage His foreskin, umbilical cord and milk-teeth, although curiously all of these “holy relics” appeared miraculously only in the Middle Ages – which puts a certain strain on their credibility . . . “