European “intellectuals” – the, to us Anglosaxons, pejorative sobriquet, is not only accepted but appreciated, even sought after in Europe – tend to denigrate Disney, pirate, according to them, of Europe’s best fairy-tales, turned into sentimental, marshmallow movies destined for brain-numb American, and unfortunately world-wide, child and even adult audiences.

Personally I dip my lid, as we say in Australia, to Uncle Walt – which is not terribly significant, because neither I nor anyone else would suggest that I am an “intellectual”.

The “Lion King” educates children – and the adults who take their children and grandchildren to see, and secretly themselves enjoy, the movie – into the reality of the food-chain.  Not dog-eat-dog.  But lions have to eat other animals which themselves have to eat other animals.  That’s the way it is.  They will die if they don’t eat meat (Vegan is not yet an option for them).

I will die, more or less soon, whether I eat meat or not.  I would not mind, being dead, becoming part of the food-chain myself., but it is highly unlikely that anyone would be a taker of my … ashes.  So my possible contribution will be wasted – due to something about respect for us supposedly unique human beings, endowed with eternal “souls” and all that.  (Why not leave our cadavers in trees, for the vultures and the other volatiles who would appreciate a little protein ?)

The producers of “Charlotte’s Web” also deserve a pedagogical pat on the back for a movie that has the Spider-Star, Charlotte, proclaim, at the moment of giving birth to her 514 children, that she is about to die.  The most natural thing in the world.  I was happy to see the movie with my, at the time, six-year old grand-daughter, who now has a new respect for spiders if not for grandfathers.  I don’t know whether she caught the bit about the normality of dying.  I hope she did.  As I hope she will, concerning my own more or less … imminent demise (in dealing recently with the supposed threat of Iranian attacks, Trump has not only assassinated a general but a perfectly good word).  It will be up to my grand-daughter whether she goes further and recognizes that the dead have entirely ceased to exist.  I dare to hope that she will accept the reasonableness of atheism.

Walt Disney is dead, the Lion King is dead, Charlotte is dead.  Pretty soon we will all, even you, dear readers, be dead.  Kaputt.  Finis.  Terminés.  Gone with the wind.  Terminado.  No more.  Inexistent.  Let’s hope that our survivors come to accept this basic, fundamental … vital truth.  And that they don’t count on an imagined God to give them, or us, an imagined “after-life”.

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