It was a difficult birth, but, thanks be to God, both mother and baby are fine.  It was a terrible accident : the driver was killed but, thank God, all of the passengers survived.  It rained today; the drought is over.  Let us thank God who has answered our prayers.

In 2008, Ingrid Betancourt was liberated from the FARC after six years of captivity as a hostage in the jungles of Colombia.  She thanked God for her “miraculous” liberation.  The future (now the past) was to reveal the relative weight of the rôle played by the Presidents and Secret Services of the U.S., of France, of certain South American countries and even of Israël, in this extraordinary exploit.  But God gets the credit.

With all the respect we owe to the brave, pious Ingrid, her thanks to God will remain evidence of her confusion of the intervention of political, financial and military means with those of a God she and so many others have imagined.  God, as usual, had nothing to do with it.  Thank Whomever or Whatever, but not “God”, that she is free at last.