Be they American prayer breakfasts or regular Sunday services or people praying in private, one has to wonder why such things go on in the modern world, and what intelligent people truly believe they are doing in addressing an imaginary deity.  The vast majority are not putting on an act (this may or may not be true of U.S. political candidates, beginning with hockus POTUS).  Most truly believe there is Someone, a benevolent, divine, omnipotent Friend listening.  They sincerely believe that S/He will answer their prayers.  Curiously, they seem to accept that sometimes, often, nothing happens.  But they long ago learned that God knows best, and that He works in mysterious ways . . .

Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about prayer is that no one bothers to analyze what they are saying.  You really expect Mary to pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, though she has been dead herself for two thousand years ?  You seriously believe that God will give us our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses ?  Ask the starving in Africa and the prisoners on Death Row.

Mind you, most people would despair if you destroyed their pathetic belief that they were talking to Someone, when in fact they are talking to themselves.  Leave them in their illusion ?  Or liberate them to face the truth ?  I have opted for the latter.  Many believers have a faith that is as blind as it is impregnable.  But I will continue to sow the seeds of doubt, hoping that some will find the answer, or at least the question, blowin’ in the wind.