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WELCOME, Atheists and Non-Atheists !

Welcome to “Blind Faith : Blind Folly”.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I have recently self-published a book, entitled “From Illusions to Illumination.  The Itinerary of a Franciscan Priest from Catholicism to Atheism”.  Probably the best way to introduce myself and the book is to share with you the back cover blurb :

“The author, formerly Rev. Father Leon O’Meara, O;F;M;, was, for many years, a member of the Franciscan Order and a Catholic priest.  Originally from Australia, he holds degrees in Sacred Theology and Pastoral Catechetics from the Institut Catholique, Paris, France.  For ten years he taught Religious Pedagogy in American dioceses and in a Catholic university in Vermont, before becoming an atheist.  He, his children and their families live in France, where he pursued an international corporate career for over twenty years until his retirement ten years ago.

“HIs book traces his religious upbringing and experience, and his reasons for becoming an atheist.  It has no pretensions of being a Dawkins discourse on atheism or an Onfray opus on atheology.  It is rather a collection of 227 sometimes serious, sometimes entertaining, often wry reflections, teasers and ticklers, to help believers on the brink realize that their belief has blinded them to the vision and the truth that alone can make them free.”

This blog will be a supplement to the book, presenting additional Reflections which express insights into the phenomenon of religion, and notably Catholic faith and practice.  I respect and tolerate believers.  I cannot respect and tolerate their beliefs.  My purpose is to challenge and help people who still believe, as I did for half of my life, but find themselves beginning to doubt what once seemed certain truth, people at the cross-roads facing a choice : the safe path they have been on for years, refusing to face the hard questions about their own credulity, and the highway to the truth that will set them free from the myths and the nonsense of religion.

I not only welcome you, but any comments or contributions you might like to make.

Frank O’Meara, a.k.a. “Frank O’Phile”

5 thoughts on “Welcome message”

  1. I very much appreciate people who try to not to deceive themselves and have the courage and honesty to put truth above success, peace of mind, social acceptance and happiness etc.

    Do you think that there is a connection between deceiving yourself and being evil?


  2. frankomeara said:

    As I have already pointed out in another comment, alcoholics who refuse to admit they have a problem, are deceiving themselves. I do not accuse them of being evil. Self-delusion is no doubt universal. For example, I think this Blog is the best damned blog in the blogosphere, and its author a bloody genius.

    Being evil comes from multiple sources. You might check out the list of Capital Sins, starting with hate and greed.

    Saint Frank


  3. Stephen Brodie said:

    What a journey you have taken from priest to Atheist, I cant wait to read your book I already enjoy your blogs. Thanks Stephen Brodie


  4. My goodness, what a small world… my favorite class was the overhead that said, “how to give a proper presentation.” You spoke for 2 hours without ever changing the one panel… a lesson most people desperately need! I remember a beer can? that had 5 grammatical errors on the can that you found while flying from Oz to Paris! All the best Frank!!!


  5. frankomeara said:

    It would appear that we have dialogued before. But at the time you did not remind me of the experience we shared in a distant past. I still have the beer-can. Only you and I know what we’re talking about. But thanks for making my day. I’ll be 80 in a few days. This was a great birthday gift, albeit unconsciously given. I will be delighted if you decide to comment on my blog-posts. Happy days, mate !


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