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Shakespeare would not want me to insist too much on this, but a neighbor recently told me he believed some pretty incredible things.  It seems that the next Pope, Frank the First’s successor, will be an anti-Pope, an ally of the Anti-Christ.  Just as I was beginning to think that the Church was improving its image in the eyes of many Catholics scandalized by clerical pedophilia and dodgy financial shenanigans (soon to be cleaned up by our own Cardinal George Pell in his new full-time appointment in Rome).  He added that France, disgraceful former eldest daughter of the Church, become a nest of atheists and a whore of Babylon, will soon be punished with all sorts of cataclysms, including the collapse of Parliament House, the Assemblée Nationale, but blessed, in 2023, with the abolition of the Republic and the restoration of the monarchy and the divine right of Kings.

When you hear stuff like that, you are not surprised when the same person goes on to announce the fulfillment of what he claims are other prophecies of Nostradamus and the promises of Fatima.  Credulity Incarnate.  You begin to see why he believes in God, miracles, biblical inerrancy, prayer, Guardian Angels, bleeding statues, and miraculous sanctuary oil, if not Lanciano jeezburgers.